Sit back and indulge yourself with one of our amazing massage treatments.

10 minute chair treatments – £12
10 minute fix it chair massage: Focusing on knotted areas and pressure points for stress reduction.
10 minute relaxation massage: Focusing on kneading and stroking your body to help you relax and sleep on plane.
10 minute Indian head massage: Reducing neck and eye strain.
10 minute bamboo massage. Uses bamboo and rattan tools to deliver a fabulous deep pressure.
10 minute foot massage. To drain all the pain and tension after a long day.

15 minute treatments in Chair – £17

15 minute treatments in Spa room – £18
Relax and unwind in our treatment room whilst we focus on upper back, shoulders, neck and scapular to transport you into an ultra relaxed state ready for your flight.

30 minute treatments – £33
30 Minute Restoration and Repair Massage:
When using muscle groups too much, lactic acid builds up and creates painful knots deep in the muscle tissue. This intense massage focuses on key problematic areas to alleviate tension created through knots. Focusing on upper back muscle groups ensures a subsequent relaxing flight.

30 Minute Lower Back and Leg Massage: Painful areas in the lower bag and legs often harbour the tension in the gluts. Focusing on this large muscle group allows tension to be kneaded and pummelled to alleviate pressure and allow for a much more comfortable flight.

30 Minute Divine Upper Body Massage: incorporating soft flowing massage strokes to gently focus on the back and shoulders. Gradually releasing the tension from these areas and working slowly into the muscles’ to achieve a higher state of client relaxation.

30 minutes of Reflexology: Foot massage heaven. Reflexology allows a holistic approach to healing your body. Focusing on reflexes restores imbalances in the body and promotes physical, mental and emotional health.

60 minute treatments £55
60 minute divine body massage: 
This treatment is a signature Caudalie massage. Allowing the therapist to concentrate on all areas of the body, from the feet and finishing with a luxurious head massage. Soft flowing massage strokes allow you to drift away whilst the stress is released from your body. Compression techniques gently sooth tension and re-boost your energy. Truly Divine.

60 minute Full Body Restoration and Repair: Using intense massage techniques to work deep into the muscle tissue. This massage removes tension and knots whilst simultaneously drawing toxins away.

Immerse yourself with our amazing massage treatments. Relax and find the inner you! Professional massage therapist. Using the body oils and moisturisers that will leave you feeling young and smooth.

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