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Treat my hands ‘Serenely’ £12
You should always have time for that little bit of luxury, so try this speedy 10 minute treatment for hands as the ideal indulgence, giving you serenity, even when time is of the essence. Enjoy a rejuvenating hand exfoliation, followed by a smoothing and nourishing hand massage scented with a blend of our flowery but foxy lavender and geranium fragrance .

Make my hands ‘Frivolous’ £12
This divinely frivolous 10 minute treatment for tired hands gives you revitalising and refreshing exfoliation, followed by a deeply nourishing hand massage, leaving you invigorated and uplifted.

‘Serene’ treat for tired feet £22
Put your feet up with our Serene foot treatment. Deeply soothing, moisturising and just that little bit indulgent, massage this treat for tired feet into your skin to detox and revitalise.

Revive my feet with frivolous £30
Put the spring back into your step with our revitalising treat for tired feet. First detoxify using our soaking salts infused our frivolously feel good natural fragrance, and then follow with a deeply moisturizing foot massage to uplift and refresh your feet.

‘Evocative’ express shoulder massage /‘Evocative’ express comfort Massage £45
This express neck and shoulder massage will empower and restore you during your day’s journey. Blended from our best natural and luxury oils, we’ve used our Evocative fragrance to warm the heart and de-stress the soul.

Serenely soothing hand and arm treatment £20
Uplift and refresh tired forearms and hands with our deeply nourishing lavender and geranium fragranced natural soap and oatmeal soak. We follow this with an intensely relaxing luxury arm and hand massage, to give you that extra little bit of luxury.

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